Are you on a quest to turn a new page in the story of your financial success?

Then fear not! No complicated wizard’s spells or heroic dragon slayings are needed to switch accountancy firms. All you need to do is follow the below three steps:


If you have decided that our accountancy wizards are the right fit for your financial spells, then we shall send you an Engagement Letter.


Once you have this powerful document, review the terms and conditions that are set out inside it and approve it using an electronic signature.


Once the Engagement Letter has been given your seal of approval, it is time to inform your previous accountancy firm that you are embarking on a new quest with new accountants.

Once the three steps have been completed, you can consider your quest fulfilled! We will then take care of the rest, including:

Lets make business life better

It couldn’t be simpler! We look forward to you joining us as we assist you in taking on the financial gremlins together. Living happily ever after couldn’t be simpler.