Core Values

At the heart of our practice, lies our core purpose “Let’s make business life better”, which ensures we deliver effective advice and support to our clients.

This message is based firmly on our core values, where we promise to be: helpful, fair, inspirational and a team player.

Each value is supported by four key behaviours shown in the ‘Purpose, Values & Behaviours’ wheel below.

To achieve this for clients we utilise a simple framework, summed up by the following three words:


‘Understand; Support; Transform’


We seek to Understand clients’ businesses, Support them in their business and personal goals and Transform their businesses to achieve those goals. This promise to you, and our own team, is the foundation of our success and ensures that our firm follows a fixed direction when delivering services and support.

Condy Mathias Values & Behaviour

Want to learn more about our core values?

We are proud of purpose and values and are happy to discuss what they mean to you as a client of Condy Mathias.